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emisunshine December 16 2017

Keep on singin! — Mike McGuire

emisunshine December 16 2017

Don’t forget your scarf this winter!!! — Peter Wiggin

emisunshine December 16 2017

Love you like a little sister Emi and your music brings joy to my soul! God has blessed you with so much talent!! Thanks for the music little sister!! — Kenneth Jay Hensley

Dave McKenney December 16 2017

Thanks so much! We enjoyed the show! — Shake N Bake

Dave McKenney December 16 2017

Enjoying your show! Merry Christmas! — Tammy & Bert Hebert

Dave McKenney December 16 2017

We Love you, Dave!! — Michelle & Kevin - HatLadyBling

MJTsaxSinger December 15 2017

We so enjoyed your music at an Alys Beach charity event some time ago and were finally able to hear you play again last Friday at Ruths Chris! What a treat for us! — Marty & Julie Hile

CurlyMonster December 14 2017

Couldnt find a paypal link or anything on your lewd blog. I'd send more if I wasn't so broke. — Anonymous

Alien Minute Podcast December 14 2017

Thanks for all the pod! — James Schilling

Kevin Mousseau December 14 2017

I really enjoyed using your code. It's helped our team a lot! — Roxanne Stanlick