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vsh March 20 2018

Keep on trucking'! ā€” Twice nightly

rosetintedlover March 20 2018

I love your content šŸ’‹ have fun lovely ā€” Aelita

Eat Right Chef March 19 2018

Sorry we couldn't do more! ā€” Dorothy and Rachel

Trisha March 18 2018

Thank u so much 4 working with me & taking time to edit :D sorry 4 being picky lol ā€” BWavy4eva

Jaxx... March 18 2018

Keychain šŸ’™ Iā€™m gonna keep it on my purse forever? ā€” Fer

RavenMCooper March 18 2018

Happy St. Pattys Day to best in the West ! ā€” Bruce Mac

Jordan Renzi March 17 2018

cuz i love ya! ā€” Anonymous

JustAnotherFlutist March 17 2018

No idea if the last tip sent. But doesn't really matter. Hope it goes towards your savings for your Piccolo and equipment! ā€” Anonymous

Oliver Dagum March 16 2018

You have an amazing talent and I thank you for your service to this nation! I don't have much but I hope this helps you! ā€” Andrea Martin

DCTOP20 March 16 2018

The song is entitled "Less Comfort" by Yuro Lafam. Release date should be Sunday March 18th, 2018.. Instagram name is @yuro.lafam twitter is @planetpolo. Below are the links to the coverart and mp3 file. Thanks #Tr3Lafam https://www.dropbox.com/s/idc3ymy396k1z3w/Yuro%20Lafam%20-%20Less%20Comfort%20-%20MIX%201.mp3?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/watxc4kb0jmkhs3/lesscomfort.jpg?dl=0 ā€” Yuro Lafam